Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

My trip so far

I got up at 4am (east coast time) on Sunday, grabbed a few more odds and ends, and breakfast, and got in my car and went to BWI. I got to my plane on time, and ran into my boss, who I wasn't sure was on the same flight with me. We chatted a bit, but weren't sitting near each other, and so I spent the flight reading. I put down my book a couple of times, but couldn't fall asleep, and so didn't. I frantically changed planes in Las Vegas (note to self: a 25 minute layover isn't enough in the future) and got to LAX on time. I picked up my rental car and successfully navigated my way to Anaheim and the convention center.

I made it to my noon session at 12:45 (west coast time) and found my boss and his boss already there and paying attention. My boss had enjoyed a 1 hour layover in Las Vegas, but had taken a different connecting flight and had ended up at an airport closer to Anaheim. Heh. His boss had thoughtfully arranged for a kosher meal for me, so I actually had some food content (remember that breakfast had been about 11 hours earlier? I knew you could.) The session was not very useful for me, as I'd attended something similar recently. It was valuable for my boss and his boss, though, so it was time well spent. We skipped out early to catch part of another session, and then I left them to go find my hotel and check in.

With no problems there, I called Jason to confirm where we were meeting for dinner. He'd made a reservation at La Gondola, and told me it would take about 45 minutes to get there. With the reservation at 6:30pm, I relaxed in my hotel room for a bit, and then left on time. Well, apparently no one told LA that there's no rush hour on Sunday, so I got there about 15 minutes late. Jason and Leah and Max got there about 15 minutes after I had; guess what? Traffic was bad in both directions. Dinner was wonderful, but at about 9pm I was fading. We eventually wrapped things up and I got back on the road. The trip back to my hotel was much more pleasant, and I went to bed shortly after 10pm. 21 hours of more-or-less continuous consciousness. Yowza.

I got up the next morning on east coast time - my body, despite its need for sleep, insisted that I get up. Stupid body. I went down to the early AM continuing education session, and afterwards took a drive around LA. I was looking for one of the kosher markets, and eventually found it after getting lost. With meals in hand, I returned to my room to eat one meal and store the other, and then headed to the convention. I got there at 11:30am, and went to the exhibit hall. Holy schnikes, was it big. The exhibit hall was at least twice as large as two years ago, which meant a lot of walking and talking. By 3pm, I knew that I couldn't do anything else, so I went back to my hotel room. I had my dinner, and tried to relax in preparation for the 'dinner' I had scheduled for 8pm, at which I intended to shmooze but not eat. My body said, "Maybe you should nap?" I did so, and 'napped' for about 12 hours. I, er, missed dinner.

Today, I hit the early CE session, then went to the convention to catch another, longer, CE session, on topics related to my specialization. I then called the person who had arranged the dinner I'd missed and apologized for my absence. He invited me into the exhibit hall early, and I spent some time looking at stuff with him, my boss, and his boss. I then walked around with my boss for a bit and showed him some things that I thought would be useful at work, and eventually met up with Jonah. Jonah and I work together and are the two Jews at work who keep kosher. I had a car and he didn't, so I offered to take him to the kosher market. I got lost on the way there again, but in a new and more interesting way. Luckily, Jonah doesn't easily get mad. This meant I missed my afternoon session, but I think I'll be okay with getting CE's the rest of the week. I dropped him back at the convention center and came back to my hotel room for lunch. I've been here ever since - I figured after last night's exhaustion, taking it easy wouldn't hurt. I'll be heading out eventually - one of our vendors is holding something at the House of Blues from 5:30pm to 8pm, and we have a dinner (with prearranged kosher food) at 7pm. I'll hang out here until Karen calls and I can wish Julian good night, and then head out.

Well, in between typing that, the phone rang. No kosher food tonight. Whoops! I guess I'll still hang out until Karen and I get off the phone, and I'll go and socialize whereever things are going on when I can leave. I'll grab food when I get back later; I have plenty after the trip to the kosher market today.

*edit 11pm* Okay, that was weird. I went somewhere else than everyone else; I must have received two invites, and gotten them mixed up. Tonight I had kosher food. It was a fish plate, and thus parve. I can eat anything I want for dessert! Woo hoo! Er, except that I don't have anything...
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