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Plane delay; Viva Las Vegas!

My plane theoretically leaves in 15 minutes. I have my doubts, as they haven't boarded anyone yet.

So, here's the rest of my trip. I attended Continuing Education on Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon, then went to visit cahwyguy and his lovely family. Amazingly, there was traffic on the way, but (as opposed to Sunday) since we had no particular schedule, it didn't matter how long it took to get there. They took me out to dinner, and then I came back and had a Coke and coughed and chatted. It was good, aside from the coughing. Then I drove back, which took about half as long, and slept.

Today (it's still Thursday where I am, folks) I attended morning CE, went to the Trade Show closing, and then attended afternoon CE. Then I went back to the hotel to get my rental car, returned it, and drove to LAX. Shock of shocks, there was traffic. Silly me, once again driving in rush hour traffic in LA. I was at the airport for a while, then got on a short flight to Las Vegas.

They've started the boarding. I'll be home soon, although I'll be time travelling and it will take longer by my watch than it would if there weren't those weird things called time zones.

Okay, I've confused myself. Time to go.
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