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...but on discovering that Irregular Webcomic is over, in addition to the knowledge I already had that Narbonic is closing down, makes my morning especially bitter. Yes, there are other webcomics I will undoubtedly add to my routine and will keep me smiling first thing in the morning, but it's sort of like losing Peanuts or the Far Side or Calvin and Hobbes. It's a bitter pill. Bleargh.

The fact that it's a fast day today is not especially fun, either. The heck with consciousness; I'm going back to bed.


Dec. 31st, 2006 11:59 pm (UTC)
I haven't decyphered any of Haley's speech. I don't write macros, for example, and I read it for pleasure, not for work.

Cryptograms are fun, and some strips (the key changes every time) are easier than others (depending upon how much dialog she has, and how much of it is obvious due to context). The macro (written in the Massive Tool, of course) simply replaces all instances of a given letter with another letter, allowing me to put in the letters I know (for instance, once I know "ABC" = "THE", then all As become Ts, Bs become Hs, etc.) until I've got them all done.