Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

I field the tough questions

The question:

Does anyone have any recommendations for an over the counter effective medical aid to remove a common wart on an 11 yr old's hand? Oh sure, CVS, Giant, Rite Aid they sell quite a few products...Dr. Scholl's even has a do at home Freeze Off kit for $25.00, but it just plain hasn't worked really at all!

Other over the counter treatments dictate you have to repeated apply their medicine up to twelve weeks! That type of regimen has been hard for us to maintain especially when they are washing their hands several times a day, showering, bathing or swimming. We tried to stick to it, but it's almost impossible to do. Before I call my dermatologist to make an appointment for the wart to be professionally frozen off, is there any remedy (home made, old wives tale or over the counter at a pharmacy or pharmacy dept of a grocery or drug store like CVS)that you would recommend I try on my child/adolescent that really works? Thank you in advance!

I already knew the answer...but the American Academy of Family Physicians was the first Google return, and should be cited since they provided confirmation:

You don't have to click that link, though. If you have been reading my journal, you know that duct tape is the only parenting tool you'll ever need. Now, please excuse me while I return to my vodka...

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