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I just broke the frame of my glasses. My only pair of glasses. I don't know where my old pair is, so I can't wear those...we've moved too much stuff in the house in the last year or so. I guess I'm going from dropping Julian off in the morning to LensCrafters...I might not make it into work until 11am. Sheesh.


Feb. 6th, 2007 01:35 am (UTC)
No worries. Julian told me happy birthday this morning and got very perturbed with me when I told him it was a long way off. He got even more perturbed with me that I didn't have a birthday present for him, even though it wasn't his birthday.

I did have a good day. I used to wear my tux all the time. I'd paid for it, after all. I think the last time I wore one for a non-formal event was to a Bound party in Baltimore, with ralphmelton and indigodove. I think I was the only one there in a tux, although I wasn't the only one wearing black. Go fig.