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Well, I can't sleep, so it must be time to post

We resolved the car situation. We now own a 2005 Honda Odyssey, which we will use to pick up blind guys named Homer and drive them around the Mediterranean. But I digress. My car is not yet donated, but that will probably happen this week so that I can get it off our insurance. There's a couple of other odds and ends to resolve, but they're minor, and we'll work through those. I'm now driving her sedan, so once the VW is gone, we'll be a fully-Honda family.

The last few days, in addition to being unusual due to wrapping up the car problems, have also been stressful due to the change in seasons. This is the time of year that Julian gets postnasal drip, which means he has stuff dripping from his sinuses down his throat. Thanks to his unusually strong gag reflex, this means he has spent a lot of time barfing. Hoo-ray. This was especially difficult over Shabbos, when he went through much of his remaining clean clothes and all of his bedsheets and spare bed linens. Everything is now washed, but it wasn't before he went to bed. He's sleeping in the guest room, which does not have any plastic mattresses. Here's hoping tonight is a barf-free night...I don't want to replace more mattresses any time soon.

Tomorrow will be a full day. We have done zero Passover cleaning or organizing yet, so my day is packed. Karen's is too, I'm sure, but I don't know everything that she'll be up to. I have to pick up shmurah matzah at shul, take Julian to BJ's, take the sedan for heavy-duty cleaning (the minivan is recently detailed and should be okay) and facilitate prepping the house for a thorough cleaning. I don't know that we'll clean tomorrow, but we certainly have organization to do, and the kitchen needs to be fully recovered from Shabbos.

That's enough for now. Hopefully getting this stuff out of my brain will help me to sleep.
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