Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

My day with Julian

I found out last night that La-Z-Boy would be here between 10am and 2pm. Combining that with the half day Julian potentially had (school closed for him today at 1pm), today was a simpler choice: stay home with Julian rather than risk missing the chair delivery. So, Julian had no school today. La-Z-Boy (of course) showed up at the same time I would have been home had I gone to work and then picked Julian up at 1pm...but that makes them about 5 hours earlier than if I'd been waiting for Comcast, so it's all good.

After spending much of Sunday with Julian, I needed muscle relaxants to be able to sit or sleep. He's an energetic lad. Today, I admitted defeat early and took my semi-nap prior to parent-teacher meetings (why school was closed for him early), while Julian watched Thomas the Tank Engine on Comcast On Demand. Julian and I had dinner courtesy of Karen, then Julian headed to bed and I headed to write checks for bills. Karen plunked down in the new chair (hopefully pregnancy-friendly) and watched some TV, and I then headed upstairs to handle some stuff for work prior to calling it a night. My work didn't take long, so I made Julian's lunch (and prepped part of mine) and then decided that I could have a nightcap. A kamikaze made with 100-proof vodka and 60 proof Triple Sec is still over 50 proof once you add the lime juice and ice cubes. I had a double. It was good, so I had another.

I wonder why I'm drowsy? Well, off to bed.
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