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My day with Julian

I found out last night that La-Z-Boy would be here between 10am and 2pm. Combining that with the half day Julian potentially had (school closed for him today at 1pm), today was a simpler choice: stay home with Julian rather than risk missing the chair delivery. So, Julian had no school today. La-Z-Boy (of course) showed up at the same time I would have been home had I gone to work and then picked Julian up at 1pm...but that makes them about 5 hours earlier than if I'd been waiting for Comcast, so it's all good.

After spending much of Sunday with Julian, I needed muscle relaxants to be able to sit or sleep. He's an energetic lad. Today, I admitted defeat early and took my semi-nap prior to parent-teacher meetings (why school was closed for him early), while Julian watched Thomas the Tank Engine on Comcast On Demand. Julian and I had dinner courtesy of Karen, then Julian headed to bed and I headed to write checks for bills. Karen plunked down in the new chair (hopefully pregnancy-friendly) and watched some TV, and I then headed upstairs to handle some stuff for work prior to calling it a night. My work didn't take long, so I made Julian's lunch (and prepped part of mine) and then decided that I could have a nightcap. A kamikaze made with 100-proof vodka and 60 proof Triple Sec is still over 50 proof once you add the lime juice and ice cubes. I had a double. It was good, so I had another.

I wonder why I'm drowsy? Well, off to bed.


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May. 9th, 2007 11:29 am (UTC)
The Top Nine Little-Known Tips for Raising Twins

  1. If one throws a temper tantrum, it's best to just duct tape the other child's mouth closed, to save time.
  2. Don't buy dolls or action figures; no toy is more amusing than a bendable, poseable, other self.
  3. Just for fun, occasionally buy just one of something and let them fight it out to see who gets it.
  4. Save money: Buy the same clothing for both, even if it's dresses for your twin sons.
  5. Blame your husband for using both testicles at once.
  6. Grandparents: Use the ones you have; adopt more through the county programs.
  7. It's perfectly acceptable to call them "Thing 1" and "Thing 2."
  8. If you're really, really busy and can only hold one baby, it's okay to stick the other one in the fridge.

    and the Number 1 Little-Known Tip for Raising Twins...

  9. Get your husband to start lactating.

©2007 Chris White

May. 9th, 2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
...but I don't have a husband! What now?
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