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Yesterday was a busy, busy day

I worked my first Monday this year at the CVS in Bethesda. I was expecting to get slammed, because that was the impression I had received of what was going on while I was gone. Not to mention that yesterday (Sunday, that is) had been *very* busy for a Sunday.

As it turned out, however, it was a very *good* day. My Regional Healthcare Manager has sent two other pharmacists there to train (they just got their Maryland licences) so we eventually had seven people there! We got all sorts of stuff done. It was excellent.

I came home after working 9 hours; on the way back I got a haircut and took care of the dry cleaning. Then I tried to access my email.

Rather than bitching, let me say what's going on. My computer is crufty enough that when it loses the signal from the cable modem, it does not locate the signal again. This means rebooting. So, after rebooting a few times (and maybe having access for long enough to send 3 emails (not long enough to actually download the ones waiting) I decided to try to decruft my system. So, I reinstalled the Win98 update, which is the option I had. Then, when that was done, there was no signal to the cable modem, so I rebooted that a couple of times until it too was working.

I can tell right after rebooting when my computer will not find signal at all...Norton SystemWorks tells me that TCP/IP is not installed. Since the Win98 fix, my computer has yet to indicate that that element is in place. So, I'm writing this journal from Karen's laptop. I'll try my computer again this morning, but I'm not planning to work on it the way I did yesterday. Yesterday I spent 6 hours trying to read my email, and I can't do that again. I don't have the time. The next step will be a much more expensive one, involving possibly updating or replacing the machine.

On the plus side, I have completely pulled all of the data off of the oldest hard drive in my computer. I'll double check that before I dump it, but I think it's safe for me to get rid of that drive and move on from there. Sure, I'll lose some programs, but I need to be able to read my mail and connect to the net. *sigh*