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This one's for psu_jedi

Karen and I have been discussing future names for our future children. We haven't come up with anything solid yet, so don't ask. As I was lying in bed just recently, though, it occurred to me that there's one name we haven't ruled out. Of course, the name must be ruled out if our theoretical future son refuses to become a doctor of obstetrics. After all, it wouldn't be fair to name him "Obadiah Juan" if he wouldn't end up "Obie Juan Cohen, O.B."

If you need my mailing address so that you can send me packages of rotting fruit, just let me know. I had to empty a raccoon out of our trash can this evening, so I know said packages will find an appropriate home.

No, I'm not making it up about the raccoon. I suspect that simply posting about the above name rules it out entirely.
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