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some percentage of caught up on LJ

I created a new custom friends group to be able to focus in on the actual people instead of the feeds and communities mixed in, which are less time-dependant. I just got back to where I recognized I had read prior to being offline for a week. It was 320 entries in that custom group. Y'all are prolific.

This doesn't mean I'm caught up, mind you. I started reading LJ again on Wednesday or Thursday. That means I have three or four days worth of stuff to catch up on again, since I didn't try to keep up on current postings. I suspect this post will be a recursive post, somewhat like Xeno's Paradox translated to LJ. I think once I'm done there, I'll compose another post about Dad, perhaps with lordfool's input. Or not.

And now, the usual disclaimer: if you expected me to comment on something specific and I did not, give me a link to the post. If there was something in particular you expected me to see non-LJ, give me a link to that as well. Giving me tsuris is entirely expected. Have fun.

EDIT: 6:50pm
I only had to go 100 entries back to find where I'd left off. With that in mind, I should only have to go 20 or 40 back to be fully caught up on people. I don't know where I'm at with feeds or communities. *le sigh*
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