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As usual, lj cut is your friend.

The a/c in the house isn't working as it's supposed to - the house heats up significantly over the course of the day, and only cools off well if the night is cool. We had it looked at once this week, and are going to have it looked at again today. Perhaps we will have a cool weekend.


The garage is cleaned. That was a load of work last Sunday and this past Wednesday. That included moving old furniture out of the guest bedroom and out to the curb for pickup. Next is straightening up that room so that the office can be moved to there, and then turning the existing office into the new nursery. have_inner_lady and predigested along with flying_inspace will be here to assist on Sunday, as well as keep Julian occupied. Hooray! After that: reassembling cribs.


Julian has been seeing monsters for a while. I usually have to evict one from the house a couple of times a month. It's usually a post-bedtime phenomenon. I tell him they're not allowed to stay because they don't pay rent.

The other week, Julian ran up to me and said "Abba! Abba!! There's a monster with glowing eyes!!!" I followed him to the laundry room, where there was in fact a monster with glowing eyes. I turned on the light, revealing Pipsqueak and her feline-standard optics. I did not evict Pipsqueak.

I'm sure there's more, e.g. writing about Dad. That'll happen. Today has been busy so far.
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