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Justifiedly tired

As anticipated, have_inner_lady, predigested and flying_inspace arrived last night. They stayed over in the guest bedroom, and were ready to go the next morning (e.g. "today") with office disassembly and reassembly. Vail was a very good sport and tolerated my accidentally amputating one of her fingers with a bookshelf. Jesse became dissatisfied with the level of functionality of our home network and made it cry 'uncle' and give him its lunch money. As a result, our router and my desktop and laptop are better behaved. I don't think he was able to convince Karen's computer to submit, but we'll continue to explore options for her Mac. Raphael and Julian made a tremendous mess and beat each other up several times, saving us the hassle of doing so.

After we declared victory over the office, I went and rented a Rug Doctor and took advantage of the fact that the ex-office was mostly clear of furniture. I got the majority of the areas of the carpet cleaned, especially the high-traffic areas, stairs, and spots from (as our guests so gently put it) cat bezoars. I also made a shiva call to daven at the Schlaffers, and got Julian to bed. I'm staffing early tomorrow, so it's time to do the same for me. I'm quite tuckered and stiff. Here's hoping waking up is possible tomorrow.


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Aug. 14th, 2007 06:47 pm (UTC)
I think your new office looks really good.

And in regards to my injured middle finger, I can cure any remorse by displaying for you its healing progress.

I hope you have gotten much rest, and hope you have a few chances for quiet, uncomplicated relaxation soon.
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