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Finishing shloshim today

I'm done with the first 30 days of mourning for my father after mincha today. I started another post about him, but I realized I was mostly recapping the Story of Felonious Bob. I think I'll check my archives to see if I can find anything I posted about that series of events prior to reposting it all. Save y'all the trouble of going through all of it again.

I'll also have to review what restrictions on me are lifted after today. I know one of them is hair cutting, not that it matters. After all, the end of shloshim is the start of Shabbos, so no hair cutting then, anyway...

Edit, 11:47a.m. Okay, found some posts, and found that I'd made some LJ memories under the term "Felonious Bob". I'll have to go back and make sure all of these posts have that.

Going into 2004:
And 2005:
And 2007:
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