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A happy new year to all (and a confusing new year to me)

Rosh Hashana starts this evening. I'll be off of work Thursday & Friday. Karen's not likely to be around, although I don't know for certain. She's in the hospital for monitoring; considering the number of MD visits and hospital visits she's incurred in the last few weeks, it may be easier for her to stay there rather than come home, even if they clear her to go. If they don't clear her to go, it's a whole different barrel of monkeys. Sorry to leave you in suspense, but there isn't much more I can say on the matter.

So, I hope you all have a happy and healthy new year. Karen's mother stayed over last night to make sure that Julian got to school. My mom should have already picked him up from school; hopefully I'll leave work on time and not cause additional confusion. Karen's mom will be back to watch Julian so I can go to shul, and she and I will hopefully figure out the next few days so that everyone gets food & sleep & shul, not necessarily in that order. I'll post again on Saturday with an update of some kind, even if it's just "AAAIGH I HATE SINGLE PARENTING GACK GACK GACK".

Wish me luck.
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