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Whatever happened to Saturday night?

I did promise to post, so here's a quick update. I'll have to respond to specific replies to my last post later.

Single parenting hasn't been really bad - I haven't been doing much of it. There's been a lot of help from local friends, like Lisa and Rachel and Shmuel and Sherrie and Harold and Becky and Ian and Alida, as well as offers from a number of others. Karen's mom took Julian on Wednesday night, so that I could go to shul and dinner, which was at H&B's. I went to shul the next morning, bringing Julian to Lisa, and couldn't get him to go with me to lunch, so back to Lisa's he went. I saw Karen on Thursday, picked Julian up, and took him to H&B's for dinner. He was really well behaved and didn't wake me up super early. This was good, because I had developed a cold. I dropped him at Rachel's Friday morning, went to shul, picked Julian up & took him to S&S's for lunch. He ended up staying there so I could take my sick self home for a nap. I returned to S&S's for dinner, then took Julian home. Julian spent today at S&S's as well, although he came home with me after lunch and took a 3+ hour nap. I&A came over towards the end of his nap, and with Avi in tow returned to their house for the rest of Shabbos. Julian and I then went to see Karen again.

Karen's doing fine. She's going to stay in the hospital until the triplets are born, which will either be scheduled (for as late as it can be scheduled) or earlier, if the need arises to have them out earlier. I don't know how bored she's been, but she's had lots of visitors, so I imagine it hasn't been all bad. I'm still sick, so I probably didn't ask every question I should have.

Okay, that's enough, or it'll stop being 'short'. I have more laundry to manage and other things to take care of (e.g. sleep) so I'll post more later. Be well, y'all.
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