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I bought Rodrigo y Gabriela yesterday after hearing them played on WRNR. The Amazon site is more detailed than their Wikipedia page, but I might as well include both links for your reading pleasure. The Amazon site also lets you hear some of why I was grinning pretty much the entire time I had the CD on...I was both astounded and thrilled.

¡Rodrigo y Gabriela son excelentes!


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Jan. 1st, 2008 01:12 am (UTC)
I've been meaning to pick that up, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Glad to hear it's as good as I've been hoping!
Jan. 1st, 2008 02:40 pm (UTC)
I knew that track 6 had to be a cover...there aren't any famous songs with the same name. I haven't listened to the original in some time...it's no longer new to me. The cover, however...they really made it their own. That's what I was listening to as I rolled into the garage at work, and I had to sit for the last minute to hear how they finished it.

So, when I got back in the car, the CD continued on to track 7...which I hadn't realized was also a cover. That kicked even more ass...both good to listen to and impressively played.

You feeling any better today? I've caught a cold. :(
Jan. 4th, 2008 01:22 pm (UTC)
On this post's recommend, I too purchased the goodness that is Rodrigo y Gabriela. Thanks for sharing! :-)
Jan. 4th, 2008 06:17 pm (UTC)
I am happy I have been able to spread the love. 8^)
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