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Looking forward to April ending

Describing how busy this month has been is next to impossible. In short, I think I'm about two weeks behind in reading LJ, so I might as well post rather than read.

Passover: good overall, but hectic. I had a business trip just prior to Passover (leaving Thursday afternoon and returning the next morning) and then one during (leaving Tuesday morning and returning Wednesday night). I'd originally planned to take the whole week in between the first and last days off, but taking the trip meant I really only had Thursday & Friday off. Those days were spent with family and/or working on house cleaning & organization.

I'm happy, I'm healthy (for whatever yardstick for healthy you want to use) and Karen & me are doing the March for Babies on Sunday. Support us if you can, and take my eruv check if you live in Woodside. (Okay, that was for Ian, reading via feed.) Here's the obligatory link:

Perhaps another post when things calm down...y'know, next month?
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