Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

Julian unwellness

...continued from before...

So, I headed homeward from the conference. I stopped again at the dry cleaners, to drop off things that needed to be cleaned. I stopped at CVS and picked up some supplementary medication - my acid reflux has been out of control...probably tied to my out of control caffeine habit. Oh, well...I happen to like being out of control, from time to time. Plus, I like Hoobastank.

At home, I changed out of work clothes, and checked email, and began some of the work I didn't do at work today. Karen called a bit before 5pm to say that she was on her way home. Marie and the kids weren't back yet, and I knew our volunteer girls from the Yeshiva (Leah and Nomi, tonight) were supposed to be here at 5 I turned on the monitor in the office to see if I could hear Marie bring kids in through the basement. I also unlocked the front door. A few minutes later, I heard the approaching doppler of a screaming Julian. *Not* through the monitor, but through the walls and empty rooms in between the office and the front of the house. I heard the front door open, and I stood up to go find Julian.

I picked him up. He was crying and incoherent. All I could understand was that Marie had done something he didn't like, and he wanted Eema. A minute or so later, Marie came up from downstairs with Sam...she'd been bringing the other kids in. "I don't know what's wrong," she began. I replied, "Me either...I can't figure out what the problem was." A moment later, Leah walked in. I left Leah with Sam, and Marie went down to get another baby. I took Julian into the living room and sat in the recliner with him. Karen came in a minute later.

He went to her like a Titanic passenger looking for a life boat. What did he want? Not really sure. Karen said (summarized for your reading pleasure) "He needs me. Can you and the girls handle the babies?" Sure thing. Karen determined that Julian didn't want to go out to dinner or do anything else special, although it looked for a minute like he'd want to go to the bookstore. "I want a cup of milk, and a nap," he said, through the coughs. I forgot momentarily what milk does to a coughing Julian, got him his cup, and Karen and I assisted him with blanket selection. He downed the milk...and a few minutes later, while coughing, brought it all back up. All over him, the blanket, and the recliner. Festive.

I started looking for things to clean up the milk with, and steered Julian to Karen for a bath. The girls kept the babies busy, and I threw a wash in the washing machine. Eventually, Julian and chair were both clean, and babies were to bed and girls headed home. Julian and I attempted dinner, and Karen discovered that she was exhausted and needed bed. Julian and I played catch for a bit in the sunroom with the kooshball, but he asked to rest once or twice. Yeah, bedtime.

I read him a story or two, and asked him to call it a night at 8pm. I went down & checked on Karen - she was short on rest, and I promised to wake her up later so that she could finish up prepping bottles for the babies. I sat down and typed my last post, and then started this one. At 8:45 or so, Julian awoke and started screaming. I went in and comforted him, and left the room. He started screaming again as soon as I sat down, and when I went in, all I could get out of him that I could make sense out of was "Eeeeeeeema!" I went down, woke Karen - she headed upstairs, I went for the children's Motrin. I thought he was feeling feverish. I prepped a bottle of OJ & Motrin, and went into his room. Karen was sitting on his bed - Julian was out again. Huh. She's headed back downstairs. I don't think Julian will be in school tomorrow.
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