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Pretty much each night, right after we say to Julian, "Time for stories and bed!", his response is "But I'm starving! I'm dying of thirst!" Thursday night, this resulted in Julian having dinner, second dinner, and (after negotiations) receiving but not being hungry for third dinner. It's sometimes tough having a hobbit in the house. Saturday night, Julian had been running around all day, and I had been planning to warn him about stories and bed at 8pm. When I looked over at him sitting next to Karen at 8pm, he was asleep. We discussed our options, and gave him five more minutes to be more fully asleep. I tried picking him up then, and he said (still with his eyes closed), "I'm hungry I'm thirsty!" Good to know the reflexes are still working. I took him to bed & read him a story, but I think he was asleep again before I finished it.

I turned off the radio this morning in preparation for making a cell phone call. Julian, sitting behind me, said "Abba! Don't turn off the radio. I like that stomping song." How did he know what it was?
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