Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

Up early, yet not tired

Up early. Babies hungry, want diapers changed, other assorted valet services. Not bothered by this - not too tired.

Went to bed 6 hours before awoken. Didn't fall asleep especially easily. Probably because got nap earlier in the day - a total of one hour, thanks to amazing sweetie who watched four kids while I unconscious.

Prior to that (Saturday night to Sunday morning) slept in neighborhood of 12 hours. Don't know exactly how much I slept - fell asleep before put Julian to bed, then woke up, put Julian in bed, then put self in bed. Karen slept similar quantity. Can't speak to quality.

Hope to find missing pieces of English language before having to talk. Thankfully, it early. No one asking why English usage are broken.
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