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Killing time before brushing teeth

I feel like I haven't said anything interesting recently. This probably won't be interesting either. You can read it if you like.

Julian has had his usual change-of-season cough, which means I've changed his sheets three times this week. He goes to sleep, his cough stops, and eventually he barfs. This usually involves him coming downstairs and saying "I barfed", and then barfing on us or the floor. We're trying some different medicine. Here's hoping it helps.

My trip to Pittsburgh was good. Remarkably free of folks I know outside of the pharmaceutical world - the timing wasn't good for that. Work has been so busy that I haven't had an opportunity to write up my impressions of the trip for my boss. I expect that September will be much of the same.

I go tomorrow for a doctor's visit, to a rheumatologist recommended by my GP. I've been having some problems with pain management, and he thought it was time I be reevaluated. I've now had my arthritis for half of my life. We'll see if he comes up with anything new.

Babies are still cute. Wife is still awesome. Bed is now calling.

Okay, that was shorter than I thought. Is this what parenthood is like? Maybe I just don't have much to say, or use up all my energy before I can say what I think to post. Hmm.
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