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A week in summary

I've been meaning to post for a bit. Work ate my brain, mostly.

Starting from a week ago Friday, I bid my student adieu. He helped me a lot - hopefully I did the same in return. I'm still trying to figure out how to grade him (I want to give him "awesome!!!!!" but that isn't on the sheet I'm supposed to fill out) and I've played phone tag with the coursemaster for a few days. If I don't connect with Dr. Love soon, I'll drop him an email, or simply stop by during his office hours, if I can fit that in.

Last Shabbos was good - it was capped off by my taking Julian for an unannounced playdate with friends down the street. We arrived at 6:30pm, hoping that it wasn't too late to come by. By chance, they had just finished dinner and Julian and their eldest son played together for an hour and a half. It went very well - the father was impressed by how Julian's behavior has improved. Hooray for ADHD control!

Sunday Karen's first cousin Elaine came to stay for a bit. It was nice meeting her, although we didn't have much in common aside from the obvious. She enjoyed meeting the babies, but Julian was out with Karen's & my mom all day, and was fried when he came back. He simply needed bed, so her excitement to meet him was dulled by his response. C'est la vie. I took her to the airport with him the next morning, and his behavior was more on par for normal. Sunday I got to make it to the last few hours of TCEP, and got to see Arthur, Frank, Karl, Brian, Steve, Crystal, and possibly a few others. I missed some other people that had been there other parts of the weekend, but it wasn't possible to get there any earlier. I had fun, and it was a short trip. so it was all good.

With Labor Day in place, the work week was short. This was good, because I rapidly used up whatever reserves I'd developed over the weekend. There was a lot to do, and not enough time to do it. Perhaps things will improve next week.

Today, we had rain & humidity. Karen and I got a nap while Julian played, and then I took him back to the friend's house. It went well again, even though Julian's been a lot more hyper today than he was last weekend. Tomorrow, we'll be off to see Jess & John for the day, so it should be good all around. It's supposed to be sunny & warm, so we have much goodness to look forward to.