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The last couple of weeks

I rarely have time to write & post entries these days. When I do, the topics have usually been covered in detail by estherchaya. I have a couple of minutes, though, so here's the short version.

-Julian had a birthday party on the Sunday before his birthday. It was at a local gymnasium, Silver Stars, and he had a generous handful of classmates and friends there. They played like mad on the equipment, which included a large inflatable slide (in the shape of a train engine), a rope swing, a trampoline, parallel and uneven bars, etc. Much fun was had and much loot was collected.

-Julian had a birthday on his birthday. He was shocked to discover this did not mean another birthday party.

-Glen came for work, and visited twice. As usual, it was lovely to see him. He got to spend some time with Julian and with us, although the triplets refused to stay awake for him either time he was here. Of all the nerve. And, I got to lose to him in Carcassone. Woo hoo!

-The triplets had a birthday party on Sunday. We invited many, and many came. There were some peers of the triplets, although since they don't really play with their peers yet, that was less important. Many of Julian's peers showed, so it was like another party for him. He also got to see many grandparents. Sam wasn't feeling well, so he was Mr. Clingy for the entire party. Luckily, there were other people around to hold the girls, so that all worked out well. We served bagels & cake, and we're almost done eating the leftover bagels.

A busy couple of weeks, and good ones. Hooray.
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