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Baby, it's hot inside

Karen went out unexpectedly for something, and would be gone a few hours. Babies are napping. So, I decided to tackle a task that had been waiting a bit - looking in the attic for a few things, to retrieve for use & vanish for those not worth using.

Hey, did you know it's no longer summer in Maryland? Holy schnikes, does our attic retain heat. I've just sweated enough to scare off people who thought Hurricane Ike had returned.

I've retrieved two out of three boxes of clothes in the attic that are likely to be clothes that Julian wore, many moons ago, that Sam might qualify for soon. I say two out of three, because I didn't want to bring down too much at once - there isn't much space down here, either. Edit: Karen came back this evening and sent all of one box and part of another downstairs to the storeroom (where clothes get sorted into boxes of too large, too small, and just right) and sent the other two boxes back upstairs.

Also, Karen spent some time in the storeroom removing things that the triplets have grown out of to take to the attic to make space, as the storeroom had achieved composting status and was about to catch fire from the decomposing piles of clothes. Six cases went into the attic, this evening, along with one gigundo Ziploc bag with clothes in it. Total effort today: positive, in terms of movement of stuff to where it needs to go, but not fully effective because we still ain't gotten rid of things!

I've also retrieved a few boxes of books that I haven't read since the last time I cleaned the office, and I'd like to make 'em go away to make space in the attic. I'll try selling 'em to a local used bookstore if they have interest, and if not I'll drop 'em off for the local library sale next time an opportunity presents. Edit: see reply to slitterst below. Anyone else interested in free books? Stop on by!

I'm going to cool off for a few more minutes, then check on the corned beef again. Exciting, eh? Edit: The flame under the beef somehow blew out, and the house filled with gas. Luckily, I figured it out before I relit it, and succeeded in not blowing myself and the triplets up. I are smrt.

Edits as of 2100 hours this evening.
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