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Julian memories

A conversation from a couple of summers ago, remembered, as we were walking to shul:

Julian: "Abba?"
Me: "Yes?"
Julian: "I really love octopus pie."
Me, confused: "Er...octopus pie?"
Julian: "Yeah. He's a transformer and he turns into a truck!"
Me, less confused, also relieved: "Julian, I think you mean 'Optimus Prime'."
Julian: "Oh! Yes! I really love Optimus Prime!"

Julian now has his first real Transformer. It's Bumblebee. I'm having a hard time convincing him that the name comes from the insect and the color scheme. Julian's a hard one to convince, sometimes.

I am relieved, to this day, that I'm not required to cook octopus pie to satisfy the weird palate of our little man.
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