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Abby is screaming

I was done reading LJ and catching up on all the bits and pieces of things I read online...and I'm tired...so I went downstairs to work on laundry and brush my teeth and perhaps settle down in front of the TV or something. Then I realized the diaper pail was stinking up the space, so I turned on the light in our room so that I could see. I pulled the pail into our room (no point in emptying it in the nursery - the noise would undoubtedly wake at least one baby) and got a trash bag to put into it. I emptied the pail, and then tossed the full bag into the garage, figuring I'd put it in an actual trash can tomorrow.

When I closed the garage door, Abby was screaming. The light had probably woken her. She's a really freakin' light sleeper. So, I have returned upstairs, because I can't watch TV and I can't read while I'm down there, because she's screaming. The other two are asleep - they've learned to sleep through her screams. Bully for them.

I'm staying home from work tomorrow. Why? Oh, I'm going to empty out the office. The office? Isn't that upstairs? Why, yes...yes it is. I'm going to empty out the office, and MOVE THE NURSERY UPSTAIRS, and then put the stuff from the office back in the room where it started, about a year and a half ago. Please note that I haven't asked anyone to help move things this time. I don't want have_inner_lady give me the finger. You know, the one I accidentally amputated.

No, seriously, there's less to move this time. There's about a dozen boxes of books going down, along with some assorted boxes of random odds-and-ends. There's three empty bookshelves, two desks, two computers, a TV, a nightstand, a Lifecycle, and a bed. Those will all go in Julian's room while he's at school. In the nursery are three cribs, a changing table, and a bookshelf with baby stuff on it. I may or may not move that bookshelf upstairs (it's the heaviest of the four) and instead may simply buy something later and assemble it for storage of baby stuff. I don't know yet, and won't, until I fill the existing office space with three cribs and a changing table.

I may, after I've moved the nursery upstairs, do something wacky (e.g. vote for a president, or rent another Rug Doctor and remove more cat bezoars from the carpet. It all depends on how the day goes. I can't move cribs while babies are napping. I can't do heavy movement in Julian's room while they're napping, as his room is above the current nursery.

So, after the move, I expect higher-quality sleep and more opportunities to enjoy goofing off. Julian will be downstairs more - his current favorite thing to do is to watch Transformers videos on YouTube, and he can't do that without a computer. After the change, all three computers will be downstairs...but that means that he'll be further away from the babies, and less likely to wake them by doing acrobatics off his bed.

'nuff said. I'm toast. G'night, all.


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Nov. 4th, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
I am assuming the executive branch approved this decision?! Good for you! I will be around tomorrow, if you need help shlepping..especially in the am when the midget is at school.

Nov. 4th, 2008 06:20 pm (UTC)
We have reached the mid-shlep portion of the day. I have moved enough out of the office and into Julian's room to be able to assemble two of the cribs in there. Sam and Ellie are attempting (and failing) to take their naps in there. Marie has Abby in the living room, and I don't think Abby will actually nap without being in a crib. There's a crib still downstairs, assembled, but Marie won't put Abby there. I officially don't get it.

So, if you want to help shlep, I won't argue. I'm enjoying this enforced break, 'cause I'm tuckered. There's nothing going on for a bit - either babies will nap (hooray!) or they won't...and if they won't, then I can get back to work.

Just watch your fingers.
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