Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

My week so far

I had to work Sunday. I was there for several hours while we had a major downtime for an upgrade. All went well with the downtime & upgrade, but it meant that Julian didn't go to soccer. Karen's mom took him to the movies, where it seems clear he saw Madagascar 2. God help us all. On the plus side, I got lunch from the Baltimore Kosher Subway. Hooray for food!

Monday was not normal either. I had to drive back and forth to Baltimore, twice. It meant getting food from the Law School, who sells kosher sandwiches and salads. This meant leftover salad for lunch on Tuesday. Hooray for food!

Tuesday I had to go to court. I got a ticket for driving through a school zone, backwards, at a screamin' 175 miles an hour while eating a pickle the size of four pregnant watermelons. The cop didn't show, so my ticket was dismissed. Rock on! Total cost: $3.50 for the parking garage. We didn't have a babysitter for the evening, so I sent Karen to our Tuesday class alone while I stayed home with the triplets, who were in bed. Shortly after my mother brought Julian back from his speech therapy appointment, Karen called from the road. She was losing her focus (vision, that is), which turned out to be the aura for a migraine the size of four pregnant watermelons. I went & got her, and folks from class kindly returned her vehicle to us after class ended. Hooray for helpful folks!

Wednesday I semi-staffed. That is, I was scheduled to cover Shock Trauma at 0630. At 1115 I was dying of boredom. The 0900 pharmacist was there and agreed that I could go to my normal semimonthly managerial meetings. I told him to page me if it got busy. It never did. Hooray for slow days! There was no gaming last night, but I got some stuff done around the house and watched the beginning of two movies.

Today I left work early to go to a doctor's appointment. He kindly gave me refill scripts for all of the medicines I usually take, and otherwise gave me a clean bill of health. My bill would be cleaner if I could lose a hundred pounds, but that's a tough goal to achieve. I'm's not every day I get an "attaboy" from my doctor. I came home and finally disassembled the sukkah, and raked part of the lawn tonight. Julian played in the pile of leaves. Hooray for leaves!

I have to be at work tomorrow at 0600 to open the OR pharmacy. I should probably go to bed. Hooray for bed!
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