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It's worse

My mood before was "optimistic". I should have put down "doomed".

I posted at 6:20am. I had enjoyed a Frappucino. By the time I went upstairs, though, my stomach was in rebellion. The thought of food was not a happy one, and so I did something unusual: I skipped breakfast.

Well, I wasn't feeling bad overall, just not I went to Winchester (VA) with Karen & the kids. Whoops. Things went from "eh" to "bad" to "worse". I couldn't eat anything there, either, and after a while, realized I was running a fever. Good thing to bring into a friend's house with five kids under four years of age. I took some acetaminophen, a nap, and we headed back early due to weather.

My stomach made some noises at me, and I eventually got a couple of wafer cookies into it without further rebellion. No desire or room for more, but before I started fluid replenishment with PowerAde, I weighed myself.

Yep. Down ten pounds. Hooray for stomach bugs! I've called out sick for tomorrow.
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