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It's worse

My mood before was "optimistic". I should have put down "doomed".

I posted at 6:20am. I had enjoyed a Frappucino. By the time I went upstairs, though, my stomach was in rebellion. The thought of food was not a happy one, and so I did something unusual: I skipped breakfast.

Well, I wasn't feeling bad overall, just not hungry...so I went to Winchester (VA) with Karen & the kids. Whoops. Things went from "eh" to "bad" to "worse". I couldn't eat anything there, either, and after a while, realized I was running a fever. Good thing to bring into a friend's house with five kids under four years of age. I took some acetaminophen, a nap, and we headed back early due to weather.

My stomach made some noises at me, and I eventually got a couple of wafer cookies into it without further rebellion. No desire or room for more, but before I started fluid replenishment with PowerAde, I weighed myself.

Yep. Down ten pounds. Hooray for stomach bugs! I've called out sick for tomorrow.


Dec. 1st, 2008 11:30 am (UTC)
Thanks. We'll see how today goes. I drank two quarts of PowerAde last night, and I'm not (at the moment) having any trouble with my morning coffee. If my symptoms are receding (I don't think they're gone) then I'll ride it out; if they continue on, I'll see if some ginger helps.