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25 Random Things about Me Memememe

Many people have tagged me with this, mostly on Facebook. I have no FB access at work, so I'll post the link there when I get home. I have had no brain for this meme, and I now realize how it should be handled. Here goes.

Random thing #1: Many people have tagged me with this meme. Too many to count.
I don't care about this meme. How much I don't care about it requires more expletives than I care to type. So, I won't type any more. Why don't you type some random things about me? You clearly seem to have spare time on your hands...
Random thing #25: I can't count that well when I have no brain.

Thank you. You've been a great audience. Let's all do this again real soon now, y'hear?


Feb. 4th, 2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
I'll give that a try in my copious spare time. Thanks for the idea.

As much as Facebook allows me to get in touch with people who aren't on LJ and frees me from trying to get at various address books in various places in order to find them (were I to desire to email them) it's not my primary concern. Since I can't read it from work, I can only check it when I'm somewhere else and have access...which usually means a brief period of time in the evening when I'm home. The tagging doesn't bother me.

Don't blame the drugs. Remember: Narcotics Anonymous is for quitters.
Feb. 4th, 2009 06:40 pm (UTC)
I can get it from work, but I choose not to as I deem it inappropriate. I do access LJ, but that's because I read security related RSS feeds there (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it). I also only post at lunchtime (and if you note, I usually clearly state that).

However, I've been trying to have LJ as my primary journaling platform. So I've been doing whatever I can to point to LJ from either FB or MySpace. It does appear as if my LJ posts come out as Notes on Facebook (do they? I ask, but no one responds). If that doesn't work, I also have my RSS set up for Friendfeed.

[Note that although I can't read it from work, I can read the copious email it sends me through gmail.]