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25 Random Things about Me Memememe

Many people have tagged me with this, mostly on Facebook. I have no FB access at work, so I'll post the link there when I get home. I have had no brain for this meme, and I now realize how it should be handled. Here goes.

Random thing #1: Many people have tagged me with this meme. Too many to count.
I don't care about this meme. How much I don't care about it requires more expletives than I care to type. So, I won't type any more. Why don't you type some random things about me? You clearly seem to have spare time on your hands...
Random thing #25: I can't count that well when I have no brain.

Thank you. You've been a great audience. Let's all do this again real soon now, y'hear?


Feb. 4th, 2009 06:40 pm (UTC)
I can get it from work, but I choose not to as I deem it inappropriate. I do access LJ, but that's because I read security related RSS feeds there (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it). I also only post at lunchtime (and if you note, I usually clearly state that).

However, I've been trying to have LJ as my primary journaling platform. So I've been doing whatever I can to point to LJ from either FB or MySpace. It does appear as if my LJ posts come out as Notes on Facebook (do they? I ask, but no one responds). If that doesn't work, I also have my RSS set up for Friendfeed.

[Note that although I can't read it from work, I can read the copious email it sends me through gmail.]