Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

A general update

Another Wednesday night at home. Karen's out doing multiples things, so I'm holding down the fort. This means that I actually caught up on Livejournal. Perhaps if there's time, I'll even go see what's going on tonight on Facebook. But I doubt eyes hurt enough, so it's getting close to time to stop looking at a computer.

I do more of that than I used to at work. Some of what I do involves manipulating Excel spreadsheets, and the more of those I look at, the more my eyes hurt. I have to try to switch between tasks frequently, or I just suffer. Work today was insane - I was in the Shock Trauma pharmacy satellite, and it was just good-old-fashioned hectic.

I've been very busy. I said "busy lately", but I realized that "lately" is "as far back as I can remember", so I deleted it. I donated platelets last Thursday, which was the most time I've spent sitting in one place doing nothing of importance (other than sleep) in a long time. I spent part of Sunday putting together the kiddie table & chairs for the youngsters, and have been involved in fighting the good fight against dishes and laundry when not playing with kids or spending quality time with Karen.

Last Wednesday, I put together a new dresser for Julian. Like the table & chairs, it came from Ikea. I successfully defeated attempts by the Swedes to drive me mad. Julian's old dresser had succumbed to entropy. The new one still needs to be anchored to his wall. He's not a climber, but the other kids are, so sooner or later they'll get into his room and use it as a ladder. It's too top heavy to be a ladder, and flat kids = bad.

Friends gave me Street Gang: The complete history of Sesame Street, a book by Michael Davis. It was a belated birthday present. I spent a good chunk of my spare time for the last two weeks reading it. I had a good time. I still want to be Sweetums if I don't grow up.

Did you hear about the $6,000 hole in our front yard? Turns out that WSSC won't pay to fix the water line when it's broken in between the water meter and the house. Just another of the many things money has been spent on lately. Anyone know the winning numbers for the next Mega Millions, and feel like sharing 'em? I'd find that information really useful.

Karen took the triplets to their 18 month visit to the doctor yesterday. I'm sure she'll be posting details in the family blog sooner or later. Everyone's generally well, but the shots made everyone sleep extra over the last couple of days. Each of them is 60% percentile for something (Ellie: weight and height; Abby: height; Sam: weight). Sam's a bit taller than the girls, but is shorter percentile-wise because boys are generally taller than girls at this age. Abby's lighter than Ellie. All of them have big heads, but not inappropriately so. This is good, because they need the room for all those brains they're carrying around.

Ellie says "cracker". I'll report more on words as they are consistently used. 8^)
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