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A good day

Despite the start (Julian waking us up at 0513) I got up for good at 0630 and proceeded to extract the triplets from their cribs. I got started on cleaning up the kitchen, and made homemade pancakes for the first time in years. Note that homemade pancakes are a common thing here on Sundays, but they're usually courtesy of Karen. Kids went down for a nap, and I took Julian to the park to meet with former classmates (from his previous school) and their parents. One of the sets of parents had brought bikes with their kids, and Julian borrowed one of the bikes and rode it for at least an hour. Food & drink were also provided, so it was a pleasant picnic all around.

I came home & relieved Karen, and she went off to meet friends. The triplets made it clear they were tired again, so I put them down for another nap. Julian was engrossed in TV, so I did more dishes and ran the dishwasher. I also ran some laundry, and sat with Julian a bit in between stuff. The triplets nap was running late, so I started dinner preparation. Five minutes after putting food in the over, Julian came by and informed me of his impending death by starvation. I let him know that he'd survive to eat chicken nuggets. The other kids started making noise, so I went to rescue them. Amazingly, only Ellie and Abby were awake; Sam was still out. Getting them out of their cribs woke him up, but he was still pooped. It wasn't long before food was ready for all the kids, and moments after they were all chowing down, Karen came back from NoVa.

Kids ate, we ate, and then there was changing of kids into PJ's (not Julian, just the young'uns.) Playtime and bedtime for triplets ensued. I mentioned that maybe, just maybe, we could take the opportunity to go out if we could find a babysitter. One phone call later, services of said babysitter were engaged, and we went and saw Star Trek.

It was good, and we had fun. Hooray!

We're still short our usual nanny, but Karen has successfully re-engaged the services of the nanny who was here last week. We seem to be in good shape, at least for now. G'night!
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