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Today was the first day in a while I've had the time to go to BJ's Club after work. We were out (and I mean *out*) of staples...cereal, milk, aluminum baking pans, disposable plates, disposable plasticware, etc. etc. etc. Yes, all of these things can be acquired locally, but club prices, feeding a family of 6 (well, 5, because Karen doesn't eat) is the way to go.

On my way there, Karen called. "You shouldn't have gone tonight." I queried as to why, and she said, "I need you to take the cribs apart." Whoops. Ellie's crib had finally given up the ghost - it was secondhand (like all our cribs) and not designed to face the wrath of toddler triplets. And if one's gotta go, they've all gotta go.

So, it was a half hour each way and an hour at BJ's, so 2 hours until I got home. Karen was putting them to bed, but they were okay to stay up and "help" me take apart the cribs. I put one out to the curb and two in the attic. The cribs, not the triplets. What kindi of monster do you think I am???

Then I changed sheets, got Julian into the bath, took out the trash, read Julian a story, ate dinner (9pm) and tightened the bolts on the dining room chairs. It needed to be done, and since I'd had to bring the ratchet kit out (Sam's crib was designed by engineers, not parents) there was no better time than now. I walked past Julian's room (he was already asleep) ducked into the triplet's room (they were all asleep), and came downstairs to tell Karen that we had entered the Kingdom of Nod. Except, well, she's asleep too.

Who am I to argue? I need a shower (for the good of mankind) but I think I'll be to bed shortly thereafter. It's been a hard day (and night), and perhaps there's a little rest for the wicked.
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