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Child raising? Don't plant 'em too deep

I suspect by the time my kids are old enough to understand what Alcoholics Anonymous is, there will be an organization for kids to sit at meetings and bitch about their parents. It'll be something like "Raised by Geeks Anonymous". Sam will be there, probably as a result of tonight.

As I was putting him in Mickey Mouse pajamas, I sang to him:
"MIC...that stands for Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, one of the ways antibiotics are tested to see at what point they retard bacterial growth!"
"KEY...the way that drug moieties fit into a receptor site is often called 'lock and key'!"
"MOUSE...genetically altered 'knockout' mice are common in drug research for how they can confirm or refute a hypothesis regarding a disease state!"

I apparently saw the wrong Mickey Mouse Club House as a kid. Or as a pharmacy student. Sam took it well. I think he understood one word in ten.
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