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Wherein Seth defeats the Malm once again

A while ago, I built Julian a dresser. It worked out pretty well for him, but it was taller than he was (meaning he would put stuff on top and not be able to find it) and it had more room than he needed, so it would often get filled with non-clothes random stuff.

A shorter while ago, we realized that the existing system for handling small clothes for small people (e.g. Julian's existing brothers and sisters, Tobie not yet having made her entrance) was not working. So, after some sorting and rearranging, we emptied Julian's clothes into temporary bins, and moved his dresser into the triplets' closet. His dresser held the bulk of their clothes quite well, although it was too small for everything. It's a start.

Julian's room, though, a source of much chaos and confusion, only grew more so with a handful of bins cluttering up the place. I made it to Ikea on Sunday to pick up another Malm dresser (one level shorter than his old one, to avoid the problems mentioned in the first paragraph) and succeeded in throwing my back out again.

Tonight, I was feeling well enough after three solid days of steroids & recuperation to assemble his dresser. I managed it in under two hours, with an assist from Karen on one of the fiddly bits. When Julian awakes in the morning, he will find most of his bins gone and his dresser filled with his clothes.

Some days, it's good to be the dad.
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