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Yesterday's rally

I felt yucky when I woke up yesterday morning, so I went back to bed. I ended up oversleeping to some degree (didn't get to the rally until 1:30pm, and it started at 1pm) but that was fine, because it was plenty hot. I'm lightly sunburnt on my right arm, and I'm sure that I would be much more hurt if I'd gotten there earlier. I had to leave at 3pm (had other stuff to do) so I didn't catch all the speakers.

I heard:
Sen. Barbara Mikulski
William Bennett
Paul Wolfowitz
Elie Wiesel
Rudolph Giuliani
Nathan Sharansky
Any misspellings are due to me. There were other speakers before them and others after, notably Dick Armey and Binyamin Netanyahu.

The West Lawn gets roped off after it reaches capacity, apparently 46,000 people. I couldn't see *any* of the speakers...I was too far away. Crowd estimates were over 100,000, but I don't know exactly how much more than that. My recollection of the rally for Soviet Jewry was that there were more people then, but several of the speakers said that this crowd was larger than that...not too bad, for only a week's notice for the whole thing.

For anyone who wasn't there, here's the pointers to remember:
Israel is defending itself against terrorists. Plain and simple.
Given the choice between bombing entire cities and going house to house, Israel's policy is to minimize civilian casualties among the Palestinian populace and go house to house to capture, disarm, or kill people in armed revolt.
"Suicide bombers" are not that. They're murderers.
If the Palestinians want to talk, they'll stop murdering people. Murdering people includes their own people, who are caught in the crossfire.
The Arab nations that are funding the terrorists need to cut it out. Bush said that you're either with us or against us...and funding terrorism is funding terrorism.
Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and will always stand with America. America should remember that.
The antisemitism that is going on now is similar in tone and content to the Nazi propaganda prior to WWII. Israel has an army, and the Holocaust will never happen again, not if we can stop it.

Any questions?
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