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science vs. faith

Sam and Abby went and found frozen waffles. I put some in the toaster oven and started them, then sat down in the dining room and had some cereal. Ellie was already eating cereal there. Sam stood next to us and was less than patient.

Sam: are they done?
Me: no, Sam.
Sam: Are they done yet?
Me: no, Sam.
Sam: are they done yet???
Me: When the metal in the toaster oven stops glowing, the waffles are done.
Sam: I think the waffles are done!
Ellie (goes into the kitchen and looks): It's still glowing!

Sam is my future theologian. Ellie is my future scientist. Abby didn't wait for waffles and played with the iPad. Tobie sat in her chair and was perfectly content.