Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

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One of Niven's Laws states that one of the world's dullest subjects is someone else's diet. That being said, I'm not dieting (I'm in fact, at the moment, drinking a Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA - 9% ABV!) but the topic I wish to post about should be on the list.

This is my eighth week here, and for the last few weeks I've had enough time in the evening to get to the little exercise room here. It doesn't have much equipment - my preference would be to ride an upright bicycle, but given that there isn't one there, I'm using the treadmill. I bought a set of headphones and can use either my phone or the Nook to play music using Pandora, and the Nook is capable of playing Pandora while I read a book. I didn't feel well earlier this week - something I ate or failed to eat did a number on my insides, but I got back to it last night & tonight. I've now worked my way up to an hour on the treadmill, and walked more than three miles tonight. I'm curious when and if I might go walking to running, as running is the only thing that triggers asthma symptoms for me. We shall see.

I'm usually in North Carolina for four nights, and not here early enough Sunday night to exercise, but that gives me three nights a week I can exercise after work. This time, I'm here for twelve nights. I only need to get six more hours in tomorrow before I hit 40 hours for the week, so hopefully I can get another session in before Shabbos.

Then the question remains: what do I do with my Sunday?

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