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Losing the fight against a headache

I slept in yesterday, and took a nap in the afternoon, and then didn't sleep well overnight. I wonder why? I felt rested, though.

I got up with the sun this morning, and headed out to donate blood. Well, it turns out that what the Red Cross website says and what the donor center does are two entirely different things. Shocker. Luckily, that didn't impede my plans. I went out to Hendersonville to the Apple Festival and took a look. There is nothing that smells like funnel cakes except funnel cakes. Gosh, I wish they were kosher. I bought me a book and a couple of snarky magnets for the fridge and lunchboxes for the kids and (when it got hot) an iced coffee. I walked through again to be certain that I didn't need to stay, and left. And thirty seconds after I got in the car, it poured rain.

I came back to the hotel and had some lunch, and then realized I was growing a headache. I took some headache medicine and got on the treadmill. Then I came back to the room and began to prep for doing laundry. I did said laundry, and then folded it and put it away. And golly, does my head hurt.

This week at work will be a typical one - I need to get 40 hours in before I fly out Thursday. I know I have more than 8 hours of stuff to do tomorrow, so it's not bad...I plan to get up early tomorrow to tackle the work. I've taken some more medicine, and I plan to lie down to see if that helps.

G'night, all.

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