Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

It's the same old story...

...same old song and dance, my friend.

Getting to the Asheville airport from work? Easy as pie. I left at 6:40pm and pulled into the rental car lot at 7:00pm. My plane was taking off at 8:24pm, so plenty of time, right? I turned in my rental car key, and went to deposit my bags with USAir.

The ticket agent pulled up my record and went "Hrm."
"What's up?" I asked, already knowing the answer.
He grimaced. "Your plane is running a few minutes late. It left Philly late, so it left Charlotte late, so it's going to leave here late. Let's see if you'll be able to make your connecting flight..." I waited while he poked at the computer. "Well, you might make it, but you're two minutes shy of your connecting time. You'd have to run. Oh, and you don't want to stay in Charlotte tonight, because there won't be any hotel rooms. And I can't get you on a later flight, because there aren't any."

For want of a nail, man. My 8:24pm flight is now scheduled to take off at 8:42 pm. 18 minutes is all it takes. I guess I'm going to find out in a ocuple of hours if I'll be sleeping in the airport in Charlotte, or if I'll drive home from there...and if I'll get my luggage when I land in DC, or if I get it some time afterwards. Yay.
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