Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen


Today was spent productively.

First I got up and drove to Timonium to attend my fraternity's Continuing Education breakfast. Today's topic: allergic rhinitis. That is to say, allergies & the nose. 8^) A hearty breakfast and a good talk.

Then I drove to meet Karen and Hillel & Jeanne up at Baugher's for apple picking and pumpkin picking. I've been to the restaurant many times, but never to go picking.

We had lots of fun. We brought back more than 1/2 bushel of apples. Karen's going to do lots of baking. We didn't pick pumpkins (except out of their bins) but we did catch a meal and also enjoyed the pleasant fall foliage on our trip up & back.

Things are good. Woo hoo!

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