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My father, the sociopathic felon

My dad has had a collection of stuff he's wanted to give me for several months, so a couple of weeks ago we set up a meeting at a midpoint between DC & Concord, NH. We met for brunch on Sunday at the Plaza Diner outside NYC in NJ.
Dad appears to be in good health, and he's looking for work again, and he had useful stuff for me in his car. But enough about that. He got arrested in December, and he's just getting around to mentioning it to me now. Sheesh.
I'd blither more about this guy, but why bother? His way of dealing with people isn't the way other people do. Needless to say, the city of Concord has his collection of firearms right now, although it looks like the prosecution didn't get around to doing anything with the case within the statute of limitations, so he'll be off probation real soon now. This means he'll be at the wedding, unless he gets arrested again. *shrugs*

But the day wasn't all weird. Karen & I saw Star Wars on Sunday. Good.
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