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There and back again

This was my first time in Ocean City in several years. Not much has changed, from my cursory overview.

Got down & back just fine, thanks. 3 hour drive each way, but no excitement or trouble. The Maryland Pharmacists Association Convention seemed to be going purpose in going was to give an award to my friend Paul, who has just become president of MPhA. Before I left I wandered the boardwalk for a bit (taking in the sights, enjoying the salt air, getting some sun & exercise, etc.) although there wasn't much to do...most of the businesses weren't open. No Thrasher's, so no boardwalk fries. My favorite head shop has changed names, so it may have changed some of the stuff it was carrying. No way to tell for certain; by the time I had to leave it was still not open. The poster shop was also closed, so no luck there either. But at least it was pleasant out! Sunny, not yet too hot, and a moderate breeze kept me walking.

So, after leaving OC, I came home, cleaned up, changed, & went to work. Came home from work, started cleaning & cut my hand open while doing dishes. A shallow but large cut. Went to Holy Cross Hospital, and they patched up my hand for me. Gotta keep it dry for 3 days...moderately successful at that in the shower this morning, although I'm wondering if I should change the bandage on top. Well, it's only been on for 8 hours or so, so I guess I'll replace it when I'm home from work.

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