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Back from Toronto

I may post in more detail later, or post about specific subtopics. Any way you slice it, I shouldn't take much time to post now, and I certainly won't catch up on reading anyone else's Journal until tonight or tomorrow.

The concert (Rush) was excellent. I didn't get much sleep (duh) before my early morning plane flight, so I slept in the airport & on the plane. No trouble with security, although on the way back (apparently *going* to National Airport is a big deal) my bags were searched and I was metal-scanned twice. Of course, everyone on the flight got the same treatment, so I don't feel singled out for being a scary looking person. 8^)

Convention highlights:
-very little fighting in the business meetings of the fraternity
-I was elected Associate Signare (assistant secretary) - it means I'm doing the newsletters
-saw lots of good folks again, and met a bunch of new ones
-met a friend from the Net that I hadn't yet met in person, and he was cool 8^)
-was pretty good about exercise & eating better
-saw Niagara Falls for the first time
-Toronto is beautiful, despite the garbage strike that had been going on for weeks

Convention lowlights:
-Toronto's a big place. I wasn't there for long enough to see all the touristy things I would have liked to-I didn't get to synagogue - our Niagara Falls trip ran too late & too long for me to have the energy to schlep there...and we had our business meeting Saturday morning. I think I'll need to plan further ahead the next time or face the music and admit that it may not be possible to go because of convention scheduling
-I missed Karen an awful lot.

I must have been asked two or three dozen times about the wedding. People were very pleased and offered many congratulations, and they all asked where Karen was & why she wasn't attending. I gave the real answers every time (although I'll admit that I was tempted to make up an amusing lie) but the more I was asked the more I missed her.

Now that I'm back (and mostly recovered) from vacation, I need to get back into the swing of working and working out. And eating better. And being healthier. And dishes! Can't forget the dishes... 8^)

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