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Back from the ride

Today's ride was tough. Coming back up let me know that the weight I lost was probably a good chunk of muscle. Another ride will get me back to normal, but it's still tough.

Anyone noticed the drought recently? The Sligo Creek doesn't have water from Dennis to the Beltway. It's moist (muddy in places), but for the very first time I rode over the creek bed & didn't get wet. After the Beltway some tributaries join up and it starts flowing again, but this isn't a good thing.

Also, my bike is operating less and less well. It could use a tune-up, but I'm hoping I won't have to go there until after the wedding. A tune-up isn't that expensive, but tuning it up at the *end* of the bike season is kind of silly. I should get it done in March or April if I can wait that long.


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