Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

It's a quiet night

So, I'm sitting at home, alone.
It's not bad. But it sure is quiet.
I guess I'll accomplish something, now that I'm caught up on Enterprise and West Wing, and have mellowed out after the stress of driving home.
There's a kitchen to clean.
There's laundry to do.
There's dinner to make. (although I've been snacking and I'm not that hungry.)
I've talked with my fiancee. I've talked with my mom. I've talked with my dad. Still haven't talked with my brother. (goes & calls) Naah, he's not home. That's why he & I don't talk more...neither of us is never around!
Dad is helpful when thinking about the stuff regarding fixing up the house to sell. Every time I think I need to do something, talking to him makes me rethink how I should do it, and maybe how to do it cheaper or easier. He's useful that way.
Maybe I'll get a few cover letters done. I was thinking that they all needed to be perfect, but after my experiences talking with the recruiter from K-Mart, I think the fact that I'm breathing is reason enough for them to hire me.
*shrugs* Or I could just fiddle around with web pages again. I fixed many of the little bugs in my webpages earlier this week when I should have been doing cover letters. 8^) At least that way I had instant resolution of how things had gone.
I'm blithering. I'll stop now. But I feel pretty good and I think that tomorrow will be a good day at work. Sundays usually are. I'd rather be spending time with my sweetie, but since I'm supposed to be at work, I feel good knowing that I can make the best of it.

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