Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

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Feeling better about the diet

I haven't lost any weight in a bit. I was worried, because I wasn't doing much wrong. I'd had a few carbs here & there, but not enough to stop the ketogenic diet I was on, as far as my calculations went. The Ketostix I was using to test for ketones were kind of old, and they weren't registering ketones regularly. I just wasn't certain.

I ran out of the old Ketostix and bought new ones yesterday. This morning's ketones were much more impressive than any of the tests I'd run in the last month or so. So I am doing things right and I am producing ketones...just not losing weight. This means that my body's chewing through some kind of reserve and when it's done with that I'll start losing weight again. The answer, for now, as always, is exercise. Burn more calories, and the weight will come off. Now, exercising *regularly*, that is the issue...
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