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I could rant...

...but I'm not gonna. There's so many things that I'm angry about, I think I should save them for a time later when I'm not so angry.

So, the good things:
I love my sweetie and she loves me. Yay!
I had a good Yom Kippur. I made it through services Sunday night and Monday morning, and survived a 27-or-so-hour fast. The positive side effect is that I once again weigh less than 125 kilos, according to my scale. (I made it under the 20-stone mark earlier, but that wasn't as exciting to me.) Go, diet! And break fast afterwards was yummy and good, and filled with exciting beefy goodness and dog germs. :)
Work is getting better. I'll talk more in detail later, but even though there were many hard things about work today, I made it through. And working hard today means sleeping well tonight.
I've already set the coffee pot to start at 6am tomorrow. And I have real cream to put in it. Mmm...cream!
I'm going to leave work a bit early, to head to a fraternity function. We're going to induct a dozen or two students into the fraternity. This is a good and fun thing. I'll be short on hours, but I may drop into work on Thursday to get a few things done, and catch up on a few hours that I missed due to holidays and whatnot.
But other than that, Thursday is open. I'd like to get a few more things done around the house...if possible, paint the last things to paint and put down the new linoleum in the foyer. We'll see how it goes. I also need to get the paperwork done on refinancing the house...that'll relieve some of our current financial burden, which is a goodness.
Glen comes to town (hi, Glen! check your email!) and I should get to see him for a good portion of the day on Friday or Saturday. We also just got an invite to two different Sukkot-related meals. Yaay, food! :)

So, I'm going to think about the good stuff and not think about the bad, and see if the next time the bad stuff comes up I can face it without ranting.
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