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Money money money

Nothing is bad. I just know how the US Government operates with deficit spending.

Well, I blew through my flexible spending account in 4 months. If I'd known I was going to have this many medical problems, I would have put more money aside.

I'm half-way through paying my car off. My car is worth 1/3rd more than I currently owe. I put almost nothing down, so this means that the Blue Book thinks that my vehicle is decent. This, I like. It's never happened before to me!

Three credit cards appears to be the right number. Every time the interest rate on one gets too high, another one has a balance transfer offer at a lower interest rate. The main problem is that we have too much money on them. I guess if we had a higher income or higher balance allowed on the cards it wouldn't be quite so daunting.

I don't feel that raise from work. (We get a union-negotiated raise once yearly. 3%, woo hoo!) It happens every August. I don't think it's changed anything for us yet.

To wit, I'm going to send in the paperwork today to refinance my house. If the market does what we (my loan officer and I) think it has, then in about 2 years I'll have gone from 0% equity to 25% equity. I haven't actually succeeded in increasing my *actual* equity in the house by more than a grand, nor have I done enough improvements to justify the change, but the housing market in Montgomery County is skyrocketing to the point where we may have been living here essentially for free. Yup, if the house increases in value on an average basis equal to the mortgage, there's no reason to complain.

The goal of doing so is not to get a lower interest rate on the mortgage (although that will happen) but to get out from under personal mortgage insurance. That'll save us a bit of money in the long term. It'll also allow us to get a second mortgage, or a home line-of-credit. Something's gotta pay for the wedding and pay down the credit cards, and despite my gene-tampered vegetation, money still doesn't grow on trees. At least this way, the interest will be deductible.

If anyone has any better ideas, now is the time to chime in.
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